Our road construction services.
Our plant hire and Sales of Aggregates.

Our company has been working for more than four generations in both the private and public sectors. We work with SOA certification in the following categories of operations: OG1 (up to 2,582,000 Euros) civil and industrial construction, OG3 (up to 5,165,000 Euros) road construction, OG6 (up to 516,000 Euros) water mains and drains, OG8 (up to 1,033,000 Euros) river banks and water flow systems and special structural works, OS21 (up to 258,000 Euros). The company holds the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality accreditation.
We undertake naturalistic engineering building reinforced embankments and earthworks and erects barriers and anti-rockfall netting, we also carry out high-altitude works.
We carry out rock excavations and earth moving, we build ski pistes and unsurfaced forest roads, cycle and pedestrian paths, parks, public open spaces and carparks. 
We offer environmental consolidation and specialised demolition services.
We lay power cables, gas mains and oil pipelines.
Renato Magnati’s children, all directors within the family business, are graduates in geology and architecture, and have been working in this long-established company for almost thirty years.
Among his 20 or so employees number experienced crane drivers, scaffolders, drivers and machine operators, and many skilled and specialist manual workers.
The company hires out machinery and equipment such as cranes and scaffolding.
We also supply stone, both for wall-building and cladding as well as the construction of banks, and gravel and sand; we also pack cement
We are equipped with static and mobile sieving and stonecrushing plant.