Design, Works supervision and Consultancy

Our design and architecture studio

Renato Magnati’s company benefits from an in-house design studio that works closely with the Milan Polytechnic and with several Local Municipalities.
Our designer keeps the company continually up-to-date by attending courses and conferences and these allow us to participate in competitive tenders. As well as our company, the studio has also provided services to art exhibitions and cultural events.
The head of the studio is also one of our company directors, overseeing works, building site safety, environmental performance, waste management, energy certification and thermal and acoustic insulation.

With the input of our design studio a very interesting project was undertaken, which was very well received in the sector: in the delightful setting of Colli di Bergamo, right under the walls of the ancient Città Alta, a beautiful Liberty-style villa was restored. Architect Lara Magnati oversaw the entire project.

The design studio, working with other colleagues, green architects, engineers, heating engineers and designers oversees all aspects of the works until the final handover.
The architect handles various aspects of the work from town planning to design and for different organisations. Regarding reclaiming contributions linked to new-build nZEBprojects, for extensions made possible through the ‘piano casa’ – house plan, and regarding raising of existing roofs.