construction division
Construction division

Our company both constructs buildings and handles their maintenance and administration.
We operate in three sectors: Green Construction, energy saving (classes A and B), and in Timber Buildings.

We carry out restoration projects, refurbishments and design and build extensions.
Our Interior services include: furnishings, design, decorating, lighting, lifts, swimming pools, Turkish baths, and spas. We pay particular attention to the dissipation of the radioactive gas, Radon.

We undertake urban and landscape planning, land allocation in mountain and seaside tourist locations in Italy and overseas.

We sell and let commercial and residential premises with garages and basements, gardens and balconies, loft apartments with fireplaces, all fully furnished and equipped.

roadbuilding division
Roadbuilding division

The company operates in the following categories: OG1 civil industrial construction, OG3 roadbuilding, OG6 water mains drains, OG8 riverbank flood protection systems, OG21 special structural and foundation works.
Naturalistic engineering, reinforced embankments, earthworks, anti-landslide barriers and netting, environmental remediation, specialist demolition, rock excavation, earth moving, ski piste construction, forest trail and cycle-path construction, parks, open public spaces, carparks, power lines, gas pipelines, oil pipelines.
We undertake high-altitude works with the use of helicopters.
The company has UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.
We hire out plant and equipment such as cranes and scaffolding. We sell sand and gravel; and boulders for river flood defences and stone cladding; inert stone chippings in various grades, and bags of cement.

planning studio
Planning studio

Our in-house planning studio works closely with several local municipalities and with the Milan
Polytechnic, keeps up-to-date by attending courses and conferences, and by taking part in competitive tendering.  

The head of the studio is also one of our company directors, overseeing project management, building site safety, environmental performance, waste management, energy certification, thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as tracking a variety of paper trails. 

Our planner works with green architects, engineers, heating engineers and designers.
Our technical office carries out building valuations in Italy and overseas.

Our architect offers graphic design and artwork consultancy for trade fair stands and events.